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(Updated 04/02/2017)

8* Great Lakes Drownings in 2017

544* Great Lakes Drownings since 2010 (+/-)

GREAT LAKES, USA – The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project (GLSRP) announces its current drowning statistics. In 2017, the GLSRP is tracking 8 possible Great Lakes drownings.  Overall since 2010, the GLSRP has tracked 544 Great Lakes drownings.  Full statistics here (74 drownings in 2010; 87 in 2011; 101 in 2012, 67 in 2013, 54 in 2014, 55 in 2015, and 98 to date in 2016). Note: * = (+/-) Awaiting 100% confirmation of drowning.


  1. 01/01/2017 – John Doe, M-50, Man dies after being rescued from Lake Michigan early New Year’s Day – A 50-year-old man died while swimming in Lake Michigan New Year’s Day, fire officials who retrieved the man from the water said. The man, whose name hasn’t been released, was wearing some type of rubberized suit, a Chicago Fire spokesman said. (SCUBA suit)
  2. 01/30/2017Kevin Marko, M-52, last seen jogging along Lake Michigan on Jan. 30. His body was recovered on 03/13/2017 and identified on 03/16/2017.
  3. 02/13/2017 – Ryan Richard Walsworth, M-50, of Mears – his truck was found parked next to Lake Michigan in Mason County the next day, authorities feared Walsworth had ended up in the lake. (Possible suicide?)
  4. 02/25/2017 – John Doe, M-?, man’s body was pulled from the lake near the 1000 block of North Lake Shore Drive, Oak Street Beach




  1. 03/01/2017 – John Peters Jr. (Awaiting 100% ID), M-91, of Trumbull County, Ohio, whom authorities suspect might have fallen into Presque Isle Bay after his Dodge Caravan was found  on East Dobbins Landing in Erie shortly before 2:30 a.m. on March 1. Last seen Feb 28. Body Recovered 03/31/2017
  2. 04/01/2017Jane Doe, F-?, body was recovered near West Sister Island, which is about 40 miles east of Toledo.


  1. 02/18/2017 – John Doe, M-?, Toronto Police is investigating after a body was pulled from Lake Ontario Saturday near Algonquin Island.
  2. 03/24/2017 – John Doe, M-38, Emergency crews were called to the waterfront near Lower Jarvis Street and Queens Quay East at 11:18 a.m. March 24 for a report of a body in the water. Initial Report.


98 Great Lakes Drownings in 2016

Plus 6 Lake Michigan drownings last listed in Critical Condition

 536 Great Lakes Drownings since 2010 (+/-)

GREAT LAKES, USA – The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project (GLSRP) announces its current drowning statistics. In 2016, the GLSRP is tracking 98 Great Lakes drownings.  Overall since 2010, the GLSRP has tracked 536 Great Lakes drownings.  Full statistics here (74 drownings in 2010; 87 in 2011; 101 in 2012, 67 in 2013, 54 in 2014, 55 in 2015, and 98 to date in 2016). Note: * = (+/-) Awaiting 100% confirmation of drowning.


98 Great Lakes Drownings to date;

Plus 6 last listed in Critical Condition

(Last updated 11/17/2016) 

LAKE MICHIGAN = 46 Plus 6 listed in Critical Condition

  1. 02/19/2016 – Thalia Rodriguez, F-20, Fell or blown off Wihala Beach Pier, Whiting, IN
  2. 02/24/2016* – Jessica Suarez*, F-21, was reported missing after she left her home about 6 a.m. on Feb. 24 in the 6100 block of North Talman, Chicago to go jogging and never returned, according to police. Her car was later found unoccupied and parked at 5100 N. Simmons Dr. on the lakefront. Her body was recovered in Lake Michigan 04/24/2016.
  3. 02/25/2016Ivan Echevarria, M-18, washed off pier at Diversey Harbor, Chicago, IL (Recovered 04/04/2016)
  4. 03/17/2016 – Marcus Beilman, M-27, kayaking in Lake Michigan off the shore of Port Washington
  5. 03/17/2016 – John Doe*, M-?, he was found wearing a life jacket and clinging to rocks in Lake Michigan near Rainbow Beach on Chicago’s South Side
  6. 04/22/2016 – Ambrose Monye*, M-28, was found in the water near the 5400 block of South Lake Shore Drive on May 8. He was last seen April 22 in the area of 55th Street and Lake Park Avenue.
  7. 05/05/2016 – John Doe*, M-35, Body of 35 year old Asian male recovered near Montrose Harbor.
  8. 06/10/2015 – John Doe*, M-?, Chicago, A man’s body was pulled from Lake Michigan early Friday morning near Montrose Harbor
  9. 06/11/2016 – Travonne Shannon, M-17, St. Joseph, MI, Silver Beach Pier Jump.
  10. 06/13/2016Tomasz I. Dratwa*, M-28, body pulled a few blocks south of Oak Street Beach around 11:00 a.m.
  11. 06/17/2016 – Ryan Klingensmith, M-23, According to video at the hyperlink, he was playing Beer Pong on the boat. The ping pong ball went into the water. He dove in after it and did not resurface.
  12. 06/17/2017 – John Doe*, CHICAGO – A body was pulled out of Lake Michigan near the Gold Coast on Friday morning near the 1800 block of North Lake Shore Drive
  13. 06/19/2016 – Riley Hoeksema, M-16, boating accident, Holland, MI. The Zodiac-style inflatable hull boat made a sudden turn, causing the two occupants of the boat to be thrown from the boat into the water
  14. 06/19/2016 – John Doe*, A body was pulled from Lake Michigan Sunday afternoon near Loyola Beach in the North Side Rogers Park neighborhood just after 3 p.m. near the 1000 block of West Pratt
  15. 06/20/2016 – John Doe*, Body Recovered – A “badly decomposed” body of a man was pulled from Lake Michigan near North Pier, Kenosha, WI, Monday afternoon. The name, age and race of the man remained unknown Monday night.
  16. 06/26/2016 – Andrew John Vache, M-33, kayaking on Lake Michigan, near the Portage Lake harbor, when his kayak turned over. Vache was not wearing a personal flotation device and the waves in Lake Michigan were approximately two feet high during the time of the incident.
  17. 06/24/016 – John Doe, M-Teen, Authorities believe the teen went missing in the water after trying to swim across the Waukegan channel with friends
  18. 07/09/2016 – Sheldon Benson, M-23, of Coopersville was kayaking in Grand Haven
  19. 07/09/2016 – Kyle Reibly, M-26, Well Street Beach, Gary, IN, would-be rescuer
  20. 07/09/2016 – David Alden II, M-37, Well Street Beach, Gary, IN, would-be rescuer
  21. 07/12/2016 – Markius Woods,, M-32, distressed swimmer, dies near the 31st Street Beach, Chicago, IL
  22. 07/12/2016 – David VanVertloo, 66, Illinois man drown at Michigan City’s Washington Park
  23. 07/24/2016 – John Doe, M-?, An adult male was seen jumping into the lake about 7 a.m. at Diversey Harbor, police said. People nearby saw the man jump and pulled him from the water.
  24. 08/04/2016 – Kevin Thomas Ketchum, M-53, of Shelby Township, passed away August, 17, 2016. He had rescued two boys from drowning in Lake Michigan – Two young boys having difficulty in the high waves. He went into the water to try and help his children. He was transported to Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital and then air lifted to U.P. Health System Marquette in critical condition.  The family was vacationing in the area at the time of the incident.
  25. 08/07/2016 – Carlos Juan Penaco, M-26, Swimmer dies after being pulled from Montrose Harbor. He was struggling in the water.
  26. 08/08/2016 – Mensha Travis, M-14, drowned while swimming. Indiana’s DNR says two boys had to be pulled from Lake Michigan Monday night. The DNR says the boys were unsupervised at the pier at Washington Park around 6:11 p.m.
  27. 08/11/2016 – Jamirion Gomez, 13, from Lansing, MI was swimming with three cousins in the water when suddenly he disappeared. Fighting for his life after drowning. Passed away 08/20/2016
  28. 08/13/2016 – John Kevin Trout Lank, M-29, was swimming Saturday at Indiana Dunes State Park with a group of people just before 8 p.m. He was hit by a wave, fell down and never got back up again. A wave brought him back to shore.The cause of death was drowning and alcohol was involved
  29. 08/14/2016 – Brian Waslusky, M-53, Fishing – jumped into Lake Michigan chasing a large fish and net near the Little Sable Point Lighthouse.
  30. 08/14/2016 – Steve Bruce, M-62, Missing – Fishing – jumped into Lake Michigan chasing a large fish and net near the Little Sable Point Lighthouse. Body recovered 08/17/2016
  31. 08/16/2016Alexander Fortis, M- 27, Man dies after being pulled from Lake Michigan near Diversey Harbor – The man was with a group of people, jumped into the water but did not emerge about 3:30 p.m. in the 2700 block of North Lake Shore Drive
  32. 08/21/2016Kenneth Phillips, M-60, Grand Haven-area man drowns in Lake Michigan near the north pier of Pigeon Lake. The man and his brother were body surfing the waves near a sandbar when one of the two began to struggle, police say. The man’s brother tried to swim the two back to shore, but a rip current made it hard to swim back.
  33. 08/29/2016Ricardo Salvana, M-24, CHICAGO – Man dies after being pulled from Lake Michigan on North Side – 300 block of East Montrose Harbor Drive, in the water about 100 yards from the lighthouse off Montrose Beach
  34. 08/31/2016Vincent Green, M-14, Swimming at Holland State Park, Holland, MI. Waves and dangerous currents.
  35. 08/31/2016Chris Mimis, 17, M-17, Swimming at Holland State Park, Holland, MI. Waves and dangerous currents. Mimis’ family traveled to the area from Chicago
  36. 09/03/2016Tom Petruszak, M-?, missing boater off Little Bay De Noc near Gladstone, a large wave struck their boat and caused one of the men to fall into the water. Another man jumped in, attempting to rescue the person in the water. A passerby, James Plouff, rescued one of the men. However, the other person was not located, and has still not been found. None of the men were wearing lifejackets.
  37. 09/05/2016 – Tyler Spink, M-21, missing, Last seen Monday around 8:50 p.m. in Platte Bay by two fisherman who heard screams and found two capsized kayaks. Fishermen were able to pull one of the kayakers to their boat. We are told both kayaks have been recovered by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  38. 09/11/2016 – Francis Knipp, M-75, believed drowned off Manitowoc’s Red Arrow beach when his ten foot sailboat capsized about 500 yards-from shore on Sunday. The identity of man on board has not been released. (Recovered 09/27/2016)
  39. 09/12/2016Timothy Twa, M-67, The body of a man was found on the beach at Muskegon’s Kruse Park Tuesday morning, and public safety officials said it is believed he entered the water in Norton Shores.
  40. 09/16/2016Gregory Froede, M-39, law enforcement agencies are investigating a report of a man who fell or jumped overboard from a boat in Lake Michigan north of Beaver Island. Many details of the situation remain unclear – officials contacted the Coast Guard at about 9:30 p.m. Friday regarding a report of a 40-year-old man who had jumped overboard from a recreational boat about 2-3 nautical miles north of Hog Island in the Beaver Island and had not returned to the boat. The man had said he wanted to go swimming just before jumping overboard and that he was not wearing a personal floatation device. (Body Recovered 10/10/2016)
  41. 09/19/2016 – Hannah Harris, F-10, from Lansing — Girl falls from paddle board, drowns in Lake Michigan at Charles Mears State Park and Pentwater Pier Monday, around 3:30 p.m. She was not wearing a life jacket, the sheriff’s office said.
  42. 09/25/2016Jonah Berele, M-27, CHICAGO (WLS) — A man died Sunday after being rescued from Lake Michigan near Leone Beach Park on Chicago’s far North Side at 2:15 p.m. A kayaker pulled the victim out of the water and performed CPR before emergency personnel were on the scene.
  43. 10/05/2016 – John Doe, M-59, Dies After Crashing SUV Into Jackson Park Harbor — CHICAGO (CBS) — A 59-year-old man died Wednesday morning after driving his SUV into Jackson Park Harbor.
  44. 10/17/2016 – John Doe, M-?, A person died after being pulled out of Lake Michigan on Saturday afternoon on the North Side about 100 yards from Montrose Harbor at 601 W. Montrose Ave.
  45. 10/19/2016 – John Doe, M-25, A man died Wednesday morning after being pulled from the water of Jackson Park Harbor off the 6500 block of South Promontory Drive around 4:45 a.m.
  46. 11/07/2016 – Robert Umentum III, M-43, There was a report of someone yelling for help along the shoreline just after 3 a.m. Monday. He was recovered from Lake Michigan off Kewaunee. The man was apparently fishing and fell into the water, police say. Fishing tackle and personal belongings were seen in the water.


  1. 07/10/2016 – John Doe, M-15, Critical Condition – A 15-year-old Michigan City boy is in critical condition after drowning in Lake Michigan near the pier, about 200 feet off the shores of Washington Park Beach. The Coast Guard says waves were about 1 to 2 feet high when he went under. (As of 08/10/2016 Remains on life support)
  2. 07/11/2016 – Lonely Vang, M-14, Critical Condition, pulled from Lake Michigan by Sheboygan police at General King Park, under water for 10 minutes, remains a patient at the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee
  3. 08/06/2016 – John Doe, M-Teen, Critical Condition – Four children rescued from Lake Michigan – 1 of them airlifted to South Bend in Critical Condition – they were part of a a church group from Chicago visiting Washington Park. Several people, including a teen girl from Mokena, Illinois, ran into the water to try and rescue them. One of the boys pulled her underwater. (As of 08/10/2016 Remains on life support)
  4. 08/21/2016 – John Doe, M-60, Bystanders pull man from Lake Michigan after the man had trouble in the water Sunday. The incident happened about 11:40 a.m. in the 3500 block of North Lake Shore Drive near Belmont Harbor. He’s listed in serious to critical condition.
  5. 09/24/2016 – Jane Doe, F-67, who fell into Lake Michigan while walking on a pier near the boat ramp at 1701 Sheridan Rd., was rescued and taken to a hospital in critical condition Saturday in Evanston.
  6. 10/15/2016 – John Doe, M-?, Person who was pulled from Lake Michigan about 100 feet from shore near Montrose Avenue in Chicago on Saturday afternoon was in critical condition


  1. 04/11/2016 Richard C. Blanford*, M-?, of Potterville, Michigan. On April 11th, 2016, rangers at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore found a vehicle abandoned in the Miners Castle overlook parking lot.
  2. 06/11/2016Kaylilyn Tansey, F-22, Drowned struggling in the water at Little Presque Isle
  3. 06/11/2016Justin Schroepfer, M-24, Drowned struggling in the water at Little Presque Isle
  4. 08/04/2016 – Dewayne Shreve, M-25, A small boat capsized in Havilland Bay at the east end of Lake Superior last Thursday – set out in a 12-foot aluminum boat powered by a six-horsepower engine at 4 p.m., but the pair ran into trouble about 250 feet from shore. The boat contained life jackets, but neither man was wearing one when they began to swim to shore. A 23-year-old man managed to make it safely to shore around 5:15 p.m., but Shreve had disappeared from sight in the water.
  5. 08/10/2016Wasaysee Mayotte, M-15, playing in the waves off of Stockton Island at Julian Bay on Wednesday afternoon when currents pulled him into deep water.
  6. 09/17/2016 Keith Karvonen, M-61 of Atlantic Mine, reported missing Saturday when they didn’t return from an afternoon of Lake Trout fishing. Authorities say the trio set out on a 16-foot boat from Portage Entry in the Chassell area. (Recovered 10/02/2016)
  7. 09/17/2016 – Steven Chartre, M-43 of Ishpeming, reported missing Saturday when they didn’t return from an afternoon of Lake Trout fishing. Authorities say the trio set out on a 16-foot boat from Portage Entry in the Chassell area. (Recovered 10/02/2016)
  8. 09/17/2016 – Ethan Chartre, M-9 of Ishpeming, reported missing Saturday when they didn’t return from an afternoon of Lake Trout fishing. Authorities say the trio set out on a 16-foot boat from Portage Entry in the Chassell area. (Recovered 10/02/2016)
  9. 10/22/2016 – Allyson Marie Motylinski-Jenkins, F-42, was found around 11:15 a.m. near the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in Chippewa County.


  1. 01/02/2016 – John Doe, M-?, pick-up truck drove off Kincardine Harbour’s north pier. Pier may have been icy.
  2. 05/04/2016* – Peter James “Jim” Armstrong, 53, went missing from his mother’s Southampton home the evening of March 9. Recovered at Lake Huron shoreline at MacGregor Point Provincial Park.
  3. 07/03/2016Christopher Peterson, M-42, an Ann Arbor area man drowned Sunday afternoon while kayaking off Huron County’s Point Aux Barques – Other boaters in the area rescued the victim’s wife and two children.
  4. 07/03/2016 – Yousif Shamon, M-67, a Sterling Heights man died after swimming in Lake Huron in Port Huron Monday
  5. 07/23/2016 – Richard Castillo, M-67, Went missing while diving near a shipwreck.
  6. 07/23/2016 – Bradley Liani, M-28, was pronounced dead after bystanders got him out of the water around 1 p.m. Saturday at a Saugeen First Nation beach, just north of Southampton. “I don’t understand, he did know how to swim,” Cathy said Monday, adding that Bradley took swimming lessons as a child and loved going to the beach with his friends.
  7. 08/03/2016 – Erik Foreman, M-47, died while diving at a shipwreck in Lake Huron. His death is the second diving death in Lake Huron in the last two weeks. The body of a Detroit man was recovered from the lake after he failed to surface during a shipwreck-diving trip in late July.
  8. 08/18/2016 – John Doe, M- , Man Pulled From Lake in Grand Bend Pronounced Dead
  9. 08/28/2016 – John Doe, M-Teen, drowned in Lake Huron south of Port Elgin – Saugeen Shores police say three boys were swimming in Gobles Grove, south of Port Elgin, around 6:30 p.m. Sunday when they were pulled into deeper water. A 50-year-old Toronto man came to their aid when he realized they were in water over their heads and they were in distress. He was able to pull one boy to shore while another was able to make his way in by himself.  The third boy disappeared under the waves.
  10. 09/19/2016 David Counsell, M-60, of Saugeen Shores, last seen kayaking between Chantry Island and the Saugeen Shores beach; recovered 09/22/2016.
  11. 10/15/2016 – John Doe, M-?, Body discovered near Port Albert between Maple-Cedar Grove Road and Mid Huron Beach Road. The deceased person was reported to be wearing a life jacket.
  12. 10/15/2016 – Mitchell Nelson, M-57, found at Port Albert’s beach


  1. 03/07/2016 – Brenton Burton, M-35, went missing while boating to Turtle Island, OH.
  2. 04/15/2016* – Lawrence Thomas, M-55, reported missing late January. The Body was found at Edgewater Park outside of Cleveland
  3. 05/23/2016 – Mark A. Stoke, M-37, was on the fishing platform at East 72nd Street marina when he fell
  4. 06/12/2016 – Jakub Hess, M-16, drowned while swimming in waves at Conneaut Lake Park Beach
  5. 06/24/2016 – Kevin Sullivan*, M-teen, dies after Jet Ski crash- two Jet Skis collided near shore, close to the Edison Bridge on Wednesday at about 2:30 p.m.
  6. 07/12/2016Adam Hinton, M-21, Man drowns near Lake Erie boat launch – disappearing in the waters along a beach break wall – Bystanders told authorities that the man had been with some other people and had waded into water near a break wall.
  7. 07/14/2016 – William Johnston, M-18 – Recovery mission continues after drowning at Port Stanley — An 18-year-old London male, William Johnston, was swimming in Lake Erie with a 19-year-old female late Thursday afternoon at the main beach. The woman made it to shore safely with help from lifeguards, but Johnston failed to make it to the beach.
  8. 07/22/2016 – Patrick L. Keith, M-62, Crystal Beach Lakefront Water Park, Ontario Canada, Rip Current drowning
  9. 07/26/2016 – Giusseppe Reinhart, M-37, After two days of searching, covering nearly 5,400 square nautical miles, the coast guard has ended its search for a missing Ontario man whose boat washed ashore in Hamburg Tuesday afternoon. Officials found paperwork in the boat which allowed them to contact the boater’s fiancée, who said the boat’s owner, a man from Niagara Falls, Ontario, had planned on going fishing.
  10. 07/30/2016Omar Rosa-Marquez, M-24, Man pulled from Lake Erie west of Cleveland pronounced dead – AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) – A man pulled from Lake Erie near Miller Road Park in Avon Lake died Saturday.
  11. 08/02/2016 – Laura Del-Bel F-56, of Farmington Hills, MI – Body of missing swimmer found near Colchester Harbour
  12. 08/11/2016 – Tracy Quinlan, F-45, of Niagara, Ont., went underwater while swimming with a friend and never resurfaced. Bystanders found Quinlan, brought to shore and gave CPR.
  13. 08/13/2016 – Hussein Da Silva, M-19, Man drowns in Lake Erie while swimming with friends at Eric Boulevard in Long Point Provincial Park.
  14. 08/15/2016 – William Ouimette, M-71, pulled out of the water at the Happy Snapper Marina.
  15. 08/16/2016 – Dylan Lathrop, M-20, Missing, kayaking on when waves capsized kayaks, off Sunset Bay. Body recovered 08/18/2016
  16. 08/20/2016 – Jered Grieb, M-20, of Chardon, Ohio struggled in the water near Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve Saturday – three gentleman attempted to return him to shore but they were unsuccessful.
  17. 10/21/2016 – Robert White, 58, found in the water just east of the Hot Waters Bait and Fishing Store. He had left home to go night fishing about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday and never returned home
  18. 11/06/2016 – Roger Burton, M-55, went missing the afternoon of Nov. 6 near Fairport Harbor. At 4 p.m. the Coast Guard Sector Buffalo received a report of two people in the water about 1 mile offshore near Fairport after the 22-foot boat they were on capsized.


  1. 01/29/2016 – John Doe, M-23, he went over the edge of the Wolfe Island ferry
  2. 02/08/2016 – Jane Doe, F-72, the woman had fallen into the lake near her property
  3. 05/27/2016 – John Doe, M-35, Kingston Police responded to a call, police pursuit, called off, possible crash into Lake Ontario
  4. 05/30/2016 – John Doe, M-Late Teens/early 20’s, Peel Regional Police, Peel Region Paramedics and Mississauga firefighters responded to the incident at Lakefront Promenade Park around 9:45 p.m., car in Lake Ontario, officers don’t suspect foul play.
  5. 06/12/2016 – Barry Burnett, M-70, Fishing, reported missing from the Bluffer’s Park
  6. 06/12/2016 – Gerald Ferreira, M-52, Fishing, reported missing from the Bluffer’s Park
  7. 06/25/2016 – John Doe, M-20s, dies after being pulled from Lake Ontario – A man in his 20s has died after being pulled from Lake Ontario Sunday morning. Paramedics say a group of friends were walking along Queens Quay at Yonge near the ferry terminal around 5 a.m. when one of them fell into the water.
  8. 06/25/2016 – John Doe*, M-45-60, recovered from the Lake on Saturday.
  9. 08/06/2016 – Brandon L. Gould, M-34, body recovered 08/08/2016, Waves reportedly were four to five feet high at the time and hampered rescue efforts. Gould was visiting with family at Brennan Beach in the Town of Richland. “We looked out and saw him struggling,’’ Gould’s brother, Korey Gould, told “I ran in to get him but did not get there in time.’’
  10. 10/04/2016 – John Doe, M-?, The man was found near Unwin Ave. between Tommy Thompson Park and Leslie St. on Tuesday night and was later pronounced dead. He is believed to have fallen out of a boat.
  11. 10/27/2016 – Jane Doe, F-?, a middle-aged woman’s body has been recovered from the bottom of the city’s harbour, the task of determining why her car plunged off a bridge into Lake Ontario begins. What is known so far is that a woman, whose name has not been released, was driving a silver Toyota Corolla north on Cherry St., south of Polson St., at a high rate of speed around 4 p.m. Thursday when it mysteriously veered left, crashed through a guardrail and flew off the west side of a bridge into a shipping channel.
  12. 11/04/2016 – John Doe, M-?, Toronto police investigate body found in Lake Ontario in Scarborough. Niagara police say the male body was found around 9:30 a.m. (Friday, Nov. 4) off the Waterfront Trail in Spring Gardens Park between Geneva St. and Vine St.
  13. 11/06/2016 – John Doe, M-?, Police are investigating after a body was found floating in Lake Ontario near the Scarborough Bluffs Sunday, Nov. 6.



55 Great Lakes Drownings 


  1. 06/05/2015 – Donald Wilson, M-28, Lakeview neighborhood recovered near Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL
  2. 06/10/2015 – John Doe, M-?, Body recovered near Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
  3. 06/22/2015 – John Doe, M-? Body recovered near Oak St. Beach, Chicago, IL
  4. 07/11/2015 – Greg Jackson, M-62, Fell off sail boat
  5. 07/19/2015 – John Doe*, M-?
  6. 07/22/2015 – Dionysus W. Ames*, 49, near Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL
  7. 07/24/2015 – Eddie Horns, M-17 – 31st Street Beach, Chicago, IL
  8. 07/28/2015 – Willis Jones, M-45, died after being pulled out of Lake Michigan on Tuesday.
  9. 07/29/2015Francisco Armendariz, M-29, drowned during a night swim at Oak Street Beach, Chicago.
  10. 07/31/2015 – Chase Froese, F-20, possible rip current, Porter Beach, IN
  11. 08/02/2015Jose Ortega*, M-35 Chicago, IL pulled from Oak Street Beach.
  12. 08/10/2015 – Eric Graff, M-39*, jumped in without a life jacket and tried to swim a rope to friends on another boat so they could be connected and watch the Great Lakes Grand Prix in Michigan City, IN. He yelled for help, went face down in the water and was pulled out. CPR was started by one of the passengers. It’s possible he suffered a medical related episode.
  13. 08/21/2015 – John Doe, M-30’s, pulled from water near Foster Beach, Chicago, IL
  14. 09/12/2015 – Max W. Boheme, M-24, from Lisle, Illinois, Boheme had been participating in the Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series and failed to return at the end of the event. He was wearing a life jacket, was floating face down on the surface of the water, Coast Guard officials said.
  15. 09/13/2015 – John Doe, M-36, died after being pulled from the water at 31st Street beach, Chicago.
  16. 09/19/2015 – Earl Helmuth, M-24, swept off pier by wave in Michigan City, IN
  17. 09/26/2015 – Aaron Juarez, M-40, Missing – Presumed Drowned, Fishing out of Port Sheldon/Pigeon Lake boat launch. The men, two dogs, boat and fishing gear has not been recovered.
  18. 09/26/2015 – Christopher Thode, M-25, Missing – Presumed Drowned, Fishing out of Port Sheldon/Pigeon Lake boat launch. The men, two dogs, boat and fishing gear has not been recovered.
  19. 11/01/2015Kevin Brandon Lackey, M-24, Swimming at McKinley Marina ,
  20. 11/01/2015Robert Dermody, body recovered near 9th Street and Sheridan Road
  21. 11/14/2015 – John Doe, M-60, Reported missing from Chicago 10/13/2015. Recovered near Port Sheldon, MI.
  22. 11/19/2015 – Brandi Mannino, F-23, of Watervliet. Possibly swept off the pier at Tiscornia Beach, St. Joseph, MI.
  23. 11/19/2015 – Eike Krebs, M-23, Possibly attempting to rescue girlfriend who may have been swept off the pier at Tiscornia Beach, St. Joseph, MI. Body Recovered 12/19/2015
  24. 12/12/2015 – Jamil Sharif, M-49, near the museum at 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
  25. 12/14/2015 – John Doe, M-58, 31st Harbor, Chicago


  1. 07/29/2015Andrew Kneeshaw, 49, McLain State Park. A nearby surfer assisted the swimmer back to shore and began CPR.
  2. 08/15/2015 – John Doe, M-87, Drowned while swimming with11 year old daughter.


  1. 06/29/2015 – George Robert Brammer of Huntington, M-74, West Virginia. He was not wearing a life jacket while boating.
  2. 08/02/2015Lucas Johnson, M-16, swimming near the pier at the Kincardine Harbour.
  3. 08/15/2015 – Chelsea M. Younge, F-26, drowned Saturday evening after jumping from a fishing boat on Saginaw Bay.
  4. 08/20/2015 – Garrett Lewis, M-23, last seen swimming near rock wall
  5. 09/03/2015Matthew James Boniface, M-27, he was swimming back from a sandbar when he was “overcome by fatigue,” at Pinery Provincial Park in Kincardine. He had been pulled from the water without vital signs. Bystanders reportedly performed CPR, but he could not be revived.
  6. 11/01/2015Jane Doe, F-32, rough water near the town of Bluewater


  1. 05/24/2015 – John Doe, M-22, Geneva on the Lake
  2. 05/25/2015 – Demarios Eatman, M-21, Wildwood Park, Pier jump
  3. 06/06/2015 – Glen Willaim, M-65, fall off a sailboat during race near East Harbor State Park
  4. 06/19/2015 – John Doe, M-10, Swept away from shore
  5. 07/01/2015 – John Doe, M-?, Body pulled from water (Possible suicide?)
  6. 07/23/2015 – John Doe, M-21, fell off inflatable raft and not wearing a life-jacket 
  7. 07/30/2015 – Jane Doe, F-?, Would-be rescuer.
  8. 07/24/2015Sidney Heidrick, M-4, wandered out of grandparent’s home and entered water.
  9. 07/28/2015 – Christopher J. Hall, M-30, fishing from pier and went swimming
  10. 09/19/2015 – John Doe, drowned while swimming with friends in Port Colborne
  11. 09/22/2015 – Rich Gala, M-80, Fisherman found floating face down. He was wearing a life jacket
  12. 10/25/2015 – Stanley Eliot Moore, M-53, Fishing
  13. 12/06/2015 – Andrew Lasek, M-42, Kayaking and fishing. Recovered about a mile off shore from Sturgeon Point Marina, Town of Evans.


  1. 02/22/2015 – Max Maisel, M-21, near the Charlotte Pier in Rochester, N.Y.
  2. 05/24/2015 – John Doe, M-40 to 45, 1225 Lake Shore Blvd., Toronto, CA
  3. 06/04/2015 – Jarett Shoal, M-30, Missing while boating
  4. 06/16/2015 – Keith White, M-34, fall of cruise boat
  5. 06/26/2015 – John Doe, M-?, Body recovered
  6. 08/10/2015 – John Doe, M-69, possibly fell off boat
  7. 09/05/2015 – Anelle Maegen Bagalac, F-12, attempting to save her younger brother drowning in the Scarborough Bluffs
  8. 09/27/2015 – John Doe, M-49, Body of missing kayaker found on shore. It is believed that he was not wearing a life jacket at the time. He has not been publicly identified at the family’s request.
  9. 10/29/2015 Timothy Kelley, M-36, Kayaking

* = Awaiting confirmation of drowning.



54 Great Lakes Drownings


  1. 02/22/2014 Jane Doe-(Debra Fredricksen?), F-61
  2. 02/26/2014 Jeremy L. Zerbe, M-35, Recovered 04/29/2014
  3. 04/18/2014 Tyna Nguyen,F-20s Woman pulled from Lake Michigan 04/19 died.
  4. 04/28/2014 Cristal Garcia, F-18,Montrose Harbor, Chicago, IL, died in hospital 05/09
  5. 04/28/2014 Victor Victor Martinez, M-20, Attempted rescue at Montrose Harbor
  6. 05/03/2014 John Moebs, M-33, Milwaukee, WI
  7. 05/08/2014 Rebecca Long, F-32, Lake Forest, IL
  8. 05/15/2014 Bonnie Ruleau, F-55,
  9. 05/20/2014 Ali Moufid, M-?, 31st Street Beach, Chicago, IL
  10. 05/20/2014 Othmane Kassou, M-?, 31st Street Beach, Chicago, IL
  11. 05/21/2014 Jose Moreno, M-17, Holland State Park, Pier Jump
  12. 05/31/2014 Ron Wood Jr., M-29, boating and attempted rescue (body recovered June 27)
  13. 06/01/2014 Orest Sopka, 30, Boat sank between New Buffalo & Chicago
  14. 06/01/2014 Megan Blenner, F-27, Recovered 06/29/2014
  15. 06/16/2014 Jose Alcazar, M-18, Pier Jump, Whiting, IN
  16. 07/01/2014 Gyron Webb, M-16, Fell off rocks, Irving Park Rd. and Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL
  17. 07/02/2014 Eric Pandasi, M-20, 1100-block West Pratt Avenue, Chicago, IL
  18. 07/04/2014 Joe Cherry, M-27, 57th Street Beach, Chicago, IL
  19. 08/09/2014 Daniel Brown, M-56, Brown, no life jacket, fell off boat
  20. 08/11/2014 Soufija Pastuovich, F-78, Near Promontory Point
  21. 09/07/2014 Amer Rustum, M-54, fall from boat, near Indiana Dunes State Park
  22. 09/17/2014 Joseph Kiehm, M-48, sailboating – McKinley Marina in the Milwaukee Harbor
  23. 09/21/2014 John Doe, M-?,
  24. 11/24/2014 John Doe

Other Lake Michigan related deaths:

  1. 06/01/2014 Ashley Haws, F-29, [died from hypothermia]
  2. 06/23/2014 Roland W. Gregory, M-76, South Port Beach, Kenosha, WI [may be natural causes]
  3. 08/24/2014 Elderly Man, Lighthouse Beach


  1. 12/23/2014 Evan “Alec” Johnson, M-40, swept off rocks
  2. 12/23/2014 Wayne Hoffman, M-66, ‘would-be rescuer’


  1. 06/04/2014 Calvert H. Shuptrine, M-84, Swimming in surf
  2. 06/17/2014 John Doe, M-18, Inflatable raft drifted from shore.
  3. 07/05/2014 Selim Mahmutovic, M-25, swimming near breakwater at Port Austin harbor
  4. 08/11/2014 Dennis Javens, M-?, Scuba diving
  5. 08/16/2014 Adam McKelvey, M-42, would-be rescuer
  6. 08/20/2014 Timothy A. Troup, M-62, Scuba diving
  7. 09/01/2014 Tomasz Gladkowski, M-39, would-be rescuer of son


  1. 04/17/2014 Andy Rose, M-33, missing boater recovered 05/08 three weeks after accident on 04/14/2014
  2. 04/17/2014 Bryan Huff, 32, missing boater recovered 05/06 three weeks after accident 0n 04/14/2014 
  3. 04/17/2014 Paige Widmer, F-17
  4. 04/17/2014 Amy Santus, F-33
  5. 05/31/2014 Peter Radke, M-43, Rescue Attempt, Huntington Beach in Bay Village, OH
  6. 06/04/2014 Antonio Romao, M-65, Fishing
  7. 06/29/2014 Boy Doe, M-14,
  8. 07/01/2014 David Ingraham, M-62, Swimming alongside a raft Geneva on the Lake, OH
  9. 07/08/2014 Kristen Stefan, F-37, rescue attempt, son inner tube, offshore winds, Shore Haven Beach, NY
  10. 07/05/2014* Boy Doe, M-14, Headlands Beach State Park, *Condition unknown
  11. 07/18/2014 Jane Doe, F-?, Edgewater Park,
  12. 07/27/2014 Peter Hildebrandt, M-15
  13. 08/17/2014 Kelly Walker, F-34
  14. 08/17/2014 Bryce Canady, M-15,
  15. 08/24/2014 John Doe, M-45, Erieau Beach, Chatham-Kent
  16. 08/24/2014 Hiawatha Rutland, M-33, Whiskey Island, Cleveland, OH
  17. 09/07/2014 Juan Lavya, M-34, of Detroit, Michigan.


  1. 05/15/2014 John Suppel, M-60, Missing boater, search called off.
  2. 08/21/2014  Christian D. Gothgen, M-49
  3. 09/07/2014 Ivan Batusic, M-47, boating
  4. 10/05/2014 Kavi Kistnasamy, M-22



67  Great Lakes Drownings


  1. 06/06 Ramon Benavidez, 32, Belmont Harbor,
  2. 06/18 Benjamin McCarter, 31-M, Kenosha, WI Pier Jump
  3. 06/19 Austin Hudson-Lapore, 20-M, Chicago, IL
  4. 06/25 Miles Percy Smith, 16-M, Grand Traverse Bay, MI
  5. 06/25 John Doe, 40-M, Belmont Harbor, Chicago, IL
  6. 06/31 John English, 47-M, Grand Haven, MI
  7. 07/02 John Doe, 8-M, North Manitou Island, Glen Arbor, MI
  8. 07/04 Christopher Evans, 25-M, Belmont Harbor, Chicago, I
  9. 07/16 Brian Behrensprung, 39-M, Sheboygan, WI
  10. 07/16 Johnathan Whitehouse, Aronson Island, Escanaba, MI
  11. 07/17 Robert Womac, ?-M, Leland, MI
  12. 07/18 Nathan Luna, 34-M, Laketown Township, MI
  13. 07/18 Michael Janko. Fell off boat possibly without life jacket.
  14. 07/19 Rochelle Jenkins, 15-F, Pere Marquette Park
  15. 07/20 Bruce Henderson, 67-M, Nordhouse Dunes, in Mason County’s Grant Township
  16. 07/27 Matt Kocher, 15-M, New Buffalo, MI
  17. 07/27 Gonzola Silva, 37-M, Beverly Shores, IN.
  18. 08/04 Wayne Gordon, 30-M, Jackson Harbor, Chicago, IL
  19. 08/11 Bobby J. Wilson, 30-M, outside the Hammond Marina, Hammond, IN
  20. 08/15 Dylan Curtis Bailey, 24-M, Sleeping Bear Bay, Glen Arbor, MI
  21. 08/27 Anthony Tyson, 54-M, 57th St. Beach, Air mattress, Chicago, IL
  22. 09/01 Najam Naimi, 30-M, Montrose Harbor, Retrieving ball, Chicago, IL
  23. 10/22 Richard J. Franzese, 58-M, Reefpoint Marina, Racine, WI
  24. 04/16/2014 Allen L. Townsend, M-48, Went missing 11/20/2013


  1. 01/27 James Hudson, 34-M, Bayfield, WI, Snowmobile through ice
  2. 02/21 Joshua G. Reynolds 30-M, Madeline Island, Bayfield, WI, Snowmobile through ice
  3. 02/21 Mark J. Backe 38-M, Madeline Island, Bayfield, WI, Snowmobile through ice
  4. 07/15 Lloyd W. Krohn, 55-M, scuba diving a shipwreck at Isle Royale National Park
  5. 08/18 Marlene Fox, 26-F, cliff diving, 2 meter waves, Thunder Bay
  6. 08/18 Kevin Spade, 32-M, cliff diving, 2 meter waves, Thunder Bay
  7. 09/08 Kenny Rubbet, 19-M, north side of Little Presqe Isle
  8. 10/03 Paul Francis Lempke, 48-M, Kauppi Resort north of Gay in Sherman Township
  9. 10/04* John Doe, ?-M, north side Steamboat Island, south of Pancake Bay

*Pending confirmation


  1. 03/29 John Doe, 16-M, Don Basin, vehicle submerged, Toronto, CA
  2. 05/08* John Doe, 30-40’s, Ashbridges Bay, Toronto, CA
  3. 06/04 John Doe, ?, Scarborough Bluffs
  4. 06/16 Daniel Ransom, 19-M, Port Credit
  5. 06/19* Jane Doe, 48-F, Port Darlington Beach
  6. 06/21* John Doe, ?-?, Toronto Beach
  7. 07/02 Jane Doe, 33-F, Ontario Place, Toronto
  8. 07/15* Scott B. French – missing
  9. 07/15  Tony Weaver, 40-M, Fell off boat, Huron, NY
  10. 08/06* John Doe, 50’s-M, Oshawa shoreline,
  11. 08/12 Erhard Fenzl, 73-M, Canoe capsized, MARATHON, Ont.
  12. 08/12 John Doe, 43-M, Burloak Drive, Halton
  13. 08/25 Pirasanna Bakumar, 26-M J.C. Saddington Park in Mississauga
  14. 10/18 Matthew John MacLeod, 38-M, Beachway Park


  1. 01/29 Jacob Samusenko, 17-M, East Basin, Erie, PN
  2. 03/09 John Doe, ?-M, Rock Hall, Cleveland, OH
  3. 04/07 Jonathan Francis, 30-M, Sandusky Bay, OH, Kayaking
  4. 04/07 Viola Francis, 12-F, Sandusky Bay, OH, Kayaking 
  5. 05/16 Godfried McKinney, 54-M, Monroe County, Fishing
  6. 05/16 Kendrick Covington,64-M, Monroe County, Fishing
  7. 07/04 John Doe, 36-M, Estral Beach, 30 miles northeast of Toledo, OH
  8. 07/07 Jan Carlos Delosantos-Nunez, 17-M, Westfield, NY
  9. 07/09 James Paul VanDosen, 36-M, Wayne County
  10. 07/11 Kenneth Stockwell, 66-M, Leamington
  11. 07/12 Jermaine Marcus Zirkle, 13-M, Ashtabula County,  Saybrook Township
  12. 07/16 Gregory Adams, 15-M, Edgewater Park
  13. 07/24 Ralph Miller, 66-M, rough waters, near Sara’s Campground in Millcreek Towship
  14. 07/27 John Doe, Cuyahoga, OH

  15. 08/25 Brian J. McCluskey, 32-M, Evangola State Park, Irving, NY
  16. 08/25 Traveno Sledge, 24-M, Euclid Beach State Park, Cleveland, OH
  17. 08/25 Jonathan Davis, 29, E. 72nd Street and North Marginal Road, Cleveland, OH
  18. 12/20 Robert Remec, 56-M, Sheffield Lake boat launch
  19. 12/27 Lothario Julius Duckworth, 38, car submerged, boat ramp, Wildwood State Park


  1. 03/03 Jason King, 39-M, Saginaw Bay, Airboat Capsized


2012 Great Lakes Drowning Statistics = 101; 262 since 2010

2011 Great Lakes Drowning Statistics = 87; 161 since 2010

2010 Great Lakes Drowning Statistics = 74


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